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General Settings
Email, Dialup, DSL, Login, FTP & More
DSL Setup & Support Instructions
Setup your modem and computer for Pacific Online DSL; includes troubleshooting guide (PDF, 116kb)
Tools Page
Security Information: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Firewall programs. Also: parental controls, pop up blocker, Windows Updates & Browser upgrades. 

If you have technical questions not addressed here please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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Operating Systems Browser Info Windows Email Macintosh Email SPAM Filtering
Windows 95 & 98
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows NT 4
Windows XP  
Macintosh OS 8
Macintosh OS 9
Macintosh OS X

Sega DreamCast
Firefox v1.0

Internet Explorer

Netscape 4

Netscape 6

Netscape 7
Outlook Express 5
Outlook Express 6
OExpress 6 for DSL
Outlook E Identities
Outlook 97
Outlook 2000  
Outlook 2002

Outlook 2002 for DSL
Eudora Light - Win
Eudora 4 - Win
Eudora 5 - Win
Eudora 6 - Win
Netscape Mail 4
Netscape Mail 6
Netscape Mail 7

Thunderbird 0.9
Mac OSX v 10.1
Mac OSX v 10.3
Entourage OSX

Eudora 4 - Mac
Eudora 5 - Mac

Netscape Mail 4
Netscape Mail 6
Netscape Mail 7
Spam Defined
Anti-Spam Solutions

Outlook Express Rules
Outlook 2000 Rules

SpamPal Outlook E
SpamPal Netscape

FTP Programs
Cute FTP

Dreamweaver 3
Dreamweaver 4
Important Support Topics (Listed alphabetically)
Anti-Virus Email notifications - are you receiving anti-virus notifications in your email? Click here to find out more details.

Computer Security - security & other firewall information

Dial-Up # Change - walks you through how to change your dialup number on your computer. May need to do this if you move to a different location. 

DNS Settings
- for dialup connections that use our DNS numbers
NEW!DSL Setup & Support Instructions - This PDF file tells how to setup your modem, computer for DSL - also is a DSL troubleshooting resource (126K)

Front Page 2000 - describes how to edit your website online using Front Page 2000

Frequently asked Questions - answers to many common questions

General Settings - all major Pacific Online settings found here
Large File in your Email Box - how to resolve this

Macintosh Tips
- create shortcuts & add/remove items from launcher
  Outlook Express Identities - do you have more then one email address. A good way to setup multiple emails in Outlook Express is to use Identities.

Outlook Express Tips - hangs up after sending & receiving? Can't view attachments in your email? Disable preview pane - a security feature.

Phishing - fake emails that request secure information. What is it and an example of this.

Tools Page - Security Information - Anti-Spyware & Firewall, Anti-Spam programs & info, Anti-virus programs, parental controls, pop up blocker, Windows Updates & Browser upgrades

V.92 Modem Info - what is V.92 technology? Description & benefits.

Virus Protection - information about viruses and anti virus programs

Web Site - how to start your personal website, create a hit counter, & setup the form to mail script



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