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Offering DSL & 56k National Dialup access.   Please verify the phone number you are using is a local call and that no toll charges will be billed to you. You can determine what the calling areas are for each account by clicking on Access Numbers.
Residential DSL 56K Internet Access Family Internet Access
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Signup Methods:
Email accounts@pon.net or call 707-636-2000 -- Dialup in 46 of the 50 US States - Or download Personal Application (PDF, 99kb).
56k InternetACCESS .
56k Dialup Account - Includes Unmetered/Unlimited Access, V.92 ITU standard, National Access.
Email Account - 1 Email Address featuring SMTP, POP3 and IMAP
   compatibility. Also, Web Based Email/Mailbox. 
SPAM and Virus Filtering - catches up to 95% of SPAM & Viruses
Personal Web Site - 100MB of storage space accessible
via FTP. 
Technical Support - Internet related technical Support

$17.95 Per month (billed Monthly - Auto CC renewals only) or
$17.95 Per Month (billed Quarterly) or
$16.60 Per month (billed Annually)  NO ACTIVATION FEES
Family InternetACCESS ..
This plan includes all the same services as the 56K Access Plan listed above, plus 3 additional emails.  
$19.95 Per month (billed Monthly - Auto CC renewals only) or
$19.95 Per Month (billed Quarterly) or
$18.45 Per month (billed Annually) NO ACTIVATION FEES
--> Help with DSL modem not supported by Pacific Online
--> Moving DSL to different Phone #
--> Switch DSL from different ISP
-->  Changes made to DSL order after 72 hours
--> Given wrong domain name & need to reset up new one
$15 per incident
Email Aliases Free (up to 5)
Additional Mailboxes, or Stand Alone Emailbox $5.00 per Mailbox per month
More Info (Bulk discounts do apply)
Additional Dialup Account (1 email included) $15/month
Login or Main E-mail address change $5.00 fee per instance
Domain Name Link Personal Web Site $15.00/month $30 to register Domain
$0 to transfer existing Domain
Personal Web Site Only (1 email included) $5/month
Website Maintenance $60/hour - 15 min increments
Web Space $25 one time/100 MB space
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