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WebMail Pacific Online Members can send & receive e-mail 
anywhere in the world using a standard Web Browser.
Tired of SPAM clogging your mailbox? Server side, user configurable SPAM filtering is available with each account including user defined White and Black lists. This provides a 90-95% catch rate and delivers a 99.99% protection
protection against false positives. Virus scanning is also provided for all incoming emails with 95-98% catch rate adding another layer of security before any user side anti-virus software. The following are additional features of an email account:

I-map Compatible
POP Compatible
Address Book
Mail Forwarding
Signature File
Manage Mailboxes
Change Finger information

URL: https://mail.b.hostedemail.com 

Number of
Price per
Mailbox per Month
1,2,3,4 $5.00 each
5 or more call for quote

All Mailboxes are I-map, POP, and Web Based compatible 


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