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Unmetered Unlimited Dial-Up 
Unlimited Dial-Up Access Account allows the customer to dial Pacific Online's Modems with their own modem. Each account is limited to 1 connection at a time, unless you are paying for Multiple accounts. If your connection is idle (no traffic) for more than 20 minutes then the Pacific Online connection server will disconnect your connection. This does not mean you can not call back and reconnect. Pacific Online has this policy in place to regain resources and reset modems that are not in use. Connection speeds are not guaranteed because Pacific Online has no control over the conditions of phone lines or phone service. Pacific Online will help you resolve problems and every reasonable attempt will be made to correct slow or bad connections. 56K service is not a Full 56K connection rather a 53Kbs Downstream connection to the calling modem and a 33.6Kbs connection upstream to Pacific Online. Most callers will typically experience connection speeds ranging from 28.8 to 43Kbs. Unmetered/Unlimited Access when used in describing the type of access Pacific Online provides, means there are no per minute or usage fees from Pacific Online (except where noted - there are also possible local telephone company charges for special ISDN or business phone lines) and there are no per megabyte traffic fees. This does not mean the connection time is unlimited to the extent of a dedicated connection or 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Pacific Online considers connections over 12 hours per day, averaged over a period of 30 days, a dedicated connection (in other words, 360 hours a month). If that type of connection is needed then a dedicated account must be used.

Unlimited Email

Unlimited E-mail accounts allow the customer to send or receive as much email as he or she desires. Unlimited Email when used in describing the type of service Pacific Online provides means there are no limits on the amount of e-mail a subscriber can send or receive. There is however a limit on the number of messages and space a mailbox can hold. Each mailbox is limited to 1000 messages and 100Mb. This limit is in place to guard against mail bombing and unchecked mailboxes or list Spaming. Unlimited however does not apply to SPAM. SPAM is the unsolicited sending or posting of messages to other internet users or mailboxes. Pacific Online does not allow sending of SPAM from its mail server or mail accounts. 

E-mail account features include:

  • Worldwide E-mail Access via Web Browser

  • Integrated Calendar in Web Mail

  • POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and Web Access protocols supported

  • Finger, Unlimited Forwarding, Vacation messaging, and Autoresponders options included

  • All features and configurations can be accessed or changed via Web Browser

Personal Web Site
The Personal Web Sites comes with 100Mb of Disk storage and has a URL of https://home.pon.net/username. Personal Web Sites also include the forms to E-mail processor. Personal Web Sites are not to be used for Businesses or Commercial ventures; these types of sites need to use Pacific Online's I-Business Web Hosting Package, unless further arrangements are made through Pacific Online. All content of the Personal Web Sites is entirely up to the the owner of the site with the exception of illegal or pornographic material or illegal or pornographic activities. These type of materials and activities are not allowed on Pacific Online's Web Servers. We do not take responsibility for these personal web sites and/or their contents. Sites not following these rules will be removed. Web Site creation and FTP access has to be requested before it is set-up. For questions about Personal Web Sites, please contact info@pon.net or call Pacific Online at 707-636-2000.

Technical Support
Pacific Online provides free technical support to subscribers. The support usually is limited but not always to problems with your connection to Pacific Online, E-mail/Newsgroup, Personal Web Site (set-up and access) and/or anything that may affect your account or connection.

Spam Policy
Pacific Online, Inc maintains and operates email filters to block and/or reject unsolicited email (SPAM) or known tested email servers operating as open relays. Without operating these filters unsolicited email would have a negative effect on Pacific Online's network and email server performance. Pacific Online, Inc does not take claim or is not liable for lost, blocked, or rejected email.

Data Transfer
Unlimited Data Transfer means there are no limits on the amount of traffic a subscriber can send or receive with his or her dial-up connection. Some ISP's have limits on dialup account and therefore charge a per byte amount. We do not. However transfer limits do apply to personal and business web sites.

Pacific Online is not responsible for SBC or other telephone carrier prices and/or the taxes, surcharges, and usage/access fees that may apply for ISDN and/or other non-Pacific Online provided services. Prices shown are to the best of our knowledge current and correct. Please refer to SBC or your Telephone carrier customer representative for exact pricing.

Payments & Billing
Payments are monthly (auto credit card renewals only), quarterly (3 months at a time, or yearly (a 7.5 percent discount is given on the monthly charges for year pre-payments DSL EXCEPTED)
There is a $10.00 returned check fee.
Change is not kept in the office for "in office" payments. Any extra payment will be credited towards your next bill. 
There is a $5 service fee for a refund on a credit card if a customer decides to pay by check after their credit card has been charged. 
A grace period of 10 days from the due date is given for accounts. If after this period payment has not been received, the account will be locked until payment is received.
Pacific Online offers a full money-back guarantee within the first fourteen (14) days of service commencing from the date of activation and not date of first use. (DSL EXCEPTED)
Pacific Online shall refund Customer for any unused, whole 30 day increments remaining in the paid service plan. (DSL EXCEPTED)
We do not automatically charge credit cards unless you request this. 
Bills to remind you of payment are sent by email (except commercial accounts). If you request a postal bill, there is a $1.00 per bill/invoice by mail charge.
Prices are subject to change without notice. 
Credits or refunds are not given for system or network outages. 
Accounts may be terminated without refund, after review, if rules or conduct set forth in the Pacific Online Terms of Service are not followed or disregarded.   
The minimum time for an account to be put on hold is 1/2 a month - as a result the minimum credit for on hold accounts is 1/2 a month. If accounts are taken off hold before 1/2 a month then no credit will be given. (DSL EXCEPTED)

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