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Welcome to the Macintosh OSX Setup Page. 
This support page will walk you through the steps to set up a dialup connection.  

Click the System Preferences icon in your OSX dock. 

When System Preferences appears, click on the Network icon.
Both your TCP/IP and PPP settings are made here.

With the Network dialog box open, assure that Location: is set to Automatic and Configure: is set to Internal Modem. Click the TCP/IP tab and make the following settings  

Configure:    Using PPP
Domain Name Servers: Primary DNS Server:
Search Domains: pon.net

Next, click the PPP tab, with the PPP tab highlighted, set the following parameters:

Service Provider: pon.net
Telephone Number: Listing of Local Dialup Numbers
Alternate Number:  Listing of Local Dialup Numbers
Account Name:   {yourusername@pon.net}
Password:   {yourpassword}  
Save Password:  Checked

{a backup pon.net number if there is one}
Click the Save button, Your OSX-MAC is now properly configured to use an pon.net Dialup account.

To use your dialer, click on the Finder icon in your OSX dock.

When the Finder comes up, click on the Applications icon.

Once you open the Applications folder, locate the Internet Connect icon, this is your dialer, click it and get online. 


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