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Pacific Online has tested the program SpamPal. It is freeware and is for WindowsTM machines only - for more information you can visit their website at: www.spampal.us or the UK mirrored site at www.spampal.org.uk

This program does help eliminate SPAM - we tested it for a month and kept careful records of how much SPAM was eliminated each day. We noticed that the numbers of SPAM caught each day increased - possibly as SPAMMERS sold the email addresses. 


SpamPal with Manual (786k)

SpamPal without Manual (294k)

Please review the below instructions for how to setup this program

SpamPal  - Using Outlook Express

1. Download SpamPal by clicking on the link above

2. Double-click on the SpamPal Icon (spampal.exe or spampal-nomanual.exe)


3. Click on 'Next'

4. Read the license agreement and if you agree to them then click the box that says 'Yes, I agree with all the terms of this license agreement'

5. Click on 'Next' again

6. Click on 'Next' again

7. Click on 'Next' again

8. Click on 'Next' again

9. Click on 'OK' to finish

10. Restart your Computer

11. Open Outlook Express

12. Click on 'Tools' in the menu bar and then click on 'Accounts...'

13. Click on the 'Mail' tab


14. Select your Pon.net Mail account and then click on 'Properties'

15. Everything in the general tab should stay the same

16. Click on the 'Servers' tab

17. Change 'Incoming Mail (POP3)' from 'pop3.pon.net' to 'localhost'

18. Change 'Username' from your username to you username with @pop3.pon.net at the end (e.g. username - fred, changes to username fred@pop3.pon.net)


19. Click on 'OK'

20. Click on 'Close'

21. Click on 'Tools' in the menu bar and then click on 'Message Rules' and then click on 'Mail...'


22. If the 'New Mail Rule' window doesn't automatically open click on the button that says 'New...'

23. Under '1. Select the Conditions for your rule:' check the box that says 'Where the Subject line contains specific words'

24. Under '2. Select the Actions for your rule:' check the box that says 'Delete it'

25. Under '3. Rule Description:' Click on the blue words that say 'contains specific words'

26. In the 'Type Specific Words' window that pops up, type '**SPAM**' into the first field and then click on the button that says 'Add’

27. Click on 'OK''

28. Under '4. Name of the rule:' type 'Spam'


29. Click on 'OK'

30. Click on 'OK' again

31. Right click one time on the icon that looks like an umbrella in the Task Bar by the clock

32. Left click on 'Options'
33. You should already be in the 'DNSBL Lists' tab. Check every box in that tab. (Warning: At the bottom of the list there are boxes that are the name of countries. If you would like to receive mail from any of those countries do not check its box. Remember the more you check the less spam you will receive.)

34. Click on 'OK'

35. In Outlook Express check your e-mail and now most, if not all of the junk mail you receive will automatically go into you 'Deleted Items' folder.


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