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Microsoft WindowsTM XP Setup Walkthrough
These instructions will guide you through the process of setting up a machine with Windows XP to connect to Pacific Online. This does not guide you through setting up your email program however. You will need to go to our support page and select the setup instructions for your email program.

Microsoft WindowsTM Update
We highly recommend utilizing Microsoft's free Windows Update service to get the latest patches and fixes for Windows XP, as well as the latest service pack to ensure the best program compatibility and functionality of Windows XP. We cannot offer technical support for this site as it is not owned by Pacific Online but it is definitely worth checking out.

TweakXP - Advanced Users Only
TweakXP is a website with a great deal of tweaks, fixes, and general knowledge about Windows XP. Most of the tweaks and fixes on the page deal with editing and adding registry settings so if you are not familiar with the registry we highly recommend either being very, very careful or simply to not do anything listed there. They do show you how to make a backup of your Registry (highly recommended) as well as how to do some other tricks to get your computer running exactly as you would like it.

Please be aware that Pacific Online cannot in any way assist you with using this page, nor can we help fix any problems associated with using that web site.

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