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How to Setup Dial-Up Networking for Pacific Online
This will walk you through setting up Dial-Up Networking to connect to your Pacific Online Internet Account. Use this if you do not have a CD from Pacific Online, if you have a CD but do not have a CD drive on your computer, or have been instructed by a Pacific Online Technician to run through these instructions. If you have a Pacific Online CD that is the preferable way to setup your computer to connect to Pacific Online, but is not required.

How to Configure Dial-Up Networking
This shows you how to configure the Windows Dial-Up Networking. This should only be used if you either did not receive a Setup CD or are setting up a computer that cannot use the Setup CD; for example if the computer does not have a CD drive or is having problems reading our CD.

How to Change your General Internet Settings

This link explains how to change your start page, default e-mail program, default web-page editing program, and much more.

Dial-Up Networking Error Numbers
This is a list of what each error number refers to. Some of them are fairly self explanatory while others are more difficult to understand.  If you are unsure of why you are getting one of these error messages or what they mean, please feel free to contact us. Please be aware that occasionally your computer will output an error message that is not accurate to what the problem is, so only use this list as a guide. Do not rely on error messages you get to be completely accurate to what the problem is.

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