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This page will guide you through the steps of setting up and accessing your personal web site at Pacific Online. This page is not meant to teach HTML or web site creation.

1. Request the Set-up of your Site
You simply need to fill out the Web Site Creation Form and Pacific Online will process your request within 48 hours. Once processed, you will be able to upload to your new web site.

2. Obtain an FTP Client
You will need an FTP client (File Transfer Protocol) to transfer files from your computer to the Pacific Online Web Server. Here is a good, a free FTP client:

[Windows, Mac OS X, Linux]
Download page FileZilla Features

3. Set-up the FTP Client
Once you have the FTP client downloaded and installed you will need to set it up with the following settings:.

Host Name, Address, FTP Server Host Type Host
UserID Remote Port or FTP Port
ftp.pon.net Automatic Detect Leave this Blank Your Login Name - not anonymous 21

4. Start Building your Site
Now you will need to start building your website. First you need to obtain an HTML editor or a Text Editor. You can even use Microsoft WordTM to create simple html pages with graphics. Regardless of the program you use you *must* save the main file as index.htm

After you have downloaded and installed your HTML editor you can begin building your site. You will first create the pages on your computer and then transfer them to the Pacific Online web server via FTP when you are finished. Here are a few important tips when creating your site.

  • Make sure that your main page (the one that users initially view) is called index.htm. Pacific Online's web server automatically looks for this page when a person types in your web address.

  • Use full paths in your HTML. Example use http://home.pon.net/yoursite/graphics/mypicture.gif not /mypicture.gif. This will cut down on missing or bad links.

  • You can use and name as many subdirectories as you want under your main directory. Example:

  • You can use either .htm or .html as the extensions of your pages but make sure that the index page has .htm as the extension.

Pacific Online does not provide support on how to design a web site or web page. However, if you are having problems with particular HTML tags and you believe it is directly related to the Web Server or if you are having trouble with scripts or CGI hosted by Pacific Online then write to webmaster@pon.net


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