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General Tools
Improve computer security, reduce SPAM, prevent Viruses, limit Adult Content and put an end to annoying pop up ads. If you have a Windows based Operating system you should always have the latest Windows updates installed on your computer. 
Pacific Online is not responsible for configuring, troubleshooting, supporting and or for the content of these services. Pacific Online cannot provide technical support for these services.
Security Information 
These are links having to do with protecting your computer from security breaches, hackers and security flaws. Links below are alphabetized by name and address viruses, spyware and other intrusion attempts.

Spyware is becoming more and more of a problem on the Internet. It is relatively new and may be the cause of problems such as your start page changing automatically, new toolbars added to Internet Explorer, you can connect to the net but cannot view websites (page cannot be displayed error) or causing your browser to crash. Spyware can also be programs that track your activities on the net and websites that you visit often, so as to market you with pop up ads or email advertising.

Spyware can be contracted by simply visiting websites or opening emails that contain spyware.

AVG Anti-virus Free Edition - free.grisoft.com
AVG Free Edition is for private, non-commercial, single home computer use only.

GRC - https://www.grc.com/ 
This site contains many free security programs that are invaluable.  

Iconix - https://sp-guard.iconix.com/
This programs ads a "visual ID" to your email. This software helps identify trusted Email and protects against "Phishing".

Mcafee - https://www.mcafee.com/ 
This is another well known anti-virus company.

Norton Anti Virus - https://www.norton.com/ 
Norton is a well known and respected anti-virus and security program. This is the place to look first for information about new threats, worms, and viruses. 

Their Symantec Security Center website is invaluable as it lists the latest virus threats, security updates, removal tools, and virus definitions. The removal tools are free for downloading. The main program does cost money but is well worth it - it runs on your computer and checks for viruses, worms, and other security problems as well as provides a live update via the web when new known viruses are release.

SpyBot - https://www.safer-networking.org/  
This free program removes Spyware. Once you install this software you must go online and get the updates before actually running it (the program doesn't really remind you to get the online updates although in the program itself, there is an "Updates" tab).

Zone Alarm - https://www.zonealarm.com/ 
This is a software based firewall program. It monitors all incoming network traffic for your computer - and it can be setup to only allow connections that you know and want to receive. Basically it works by closing off ports on your computer that you do not need open. It helps hide your computer on the net - which helps prevents hackers and other data mining programs from finding you. 
Phishing is when someone tries to gain access to sensitive data usually by sending out emails that pretend to be from legitimate companies in which they ask you to fill out information usually by going to a website that they link in their email (common phishing emails pretend to be from PayPay, Amazon, Ebay etc).  We have a "phishing" Example Here

Windows Updates
This is the official Microsoft Windows Update page. On occasion Microsoft will release "updates" and depending on which Operating System you have, will need to be installed on your computer. The Critical updates are the most important as they "patch" known security flaws. If you do not have the windows updates you will be extremely vulnerable to security flaws, and other worms. Please visit: http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com 

Windows Life-Cycle FAQ (information about Windows Systems) : http://support.microsoft.com/gp/lifepolicy

Support Life-Cycle Index (Support length for Windows) : http://support.microsoft.com/gp/lifeselectindex

Spam   (Put it in the can)
Spam is unsolicited (unwanted) emails sent out via mass mail. Pacific Online runs a server side anti-SPAM program which catches literally hundreds of thousands of junk mails each month. Spam is held in the "Spam" folder of Webmail for 30 days before being auto deleted.

Additional information is available by logging into Webmail, and then clicking "? Help" in the top left-corner of the page.

Parental Control  
We recommend Net Nanny - this is a rather inexpensive program that lets you control what your children see on the Internet. You are able to filter harmful websites, monitor online activity, and even restrict Internet access.
Click here for more information.

Online Virus Scanner  
With the variety and numbers of viruses on the Internet it is always a good idea to run a virus scan/cleanup on your PC. The following program is a web based online virus scanner which will scan and clean your PC system for viruses. Please visit Trend Micro
TM for their online virus scanner.




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