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These screen shots and instructions will help you configure Mozilla Thunderbird 0.9 email client This client can be used as an alternative to Outlook Express or Netscape. Thunderbird anti spam features, excellent built-in security and customization options and much more!

Also, these instructions were written with Windows in mind, although they should work fine with the Macintosh version of Internet Explorer. As always, you may notice minor visual differences between these screenshots taken from Windows when compared with what you are seeing on your Macintosh.

Step 1
First you need to download the Mozilla Thunderbird email client from this site: http://www.mozilla.org/products/thunderbird - once you start downloading this file you will see the "file download" box appear as shown below. Click on Save.

Step 2

Now choose where you want to save the file to on your computer. We recommend the desktop for ease of access.

Step 3
After the setup file is finished saving to your computer, click on Close.

Step 4
Now go to where you saved the file - you will see an icon like the one shown in the small picture directly below. Simply double click on this icon to start the installation process.

Step 5
Now you are ready to start installing Firefox, simply click on Next.

Step 6
This screen, as shown below, is Mozilla's Software License Agreement. Place a dot next to "I Accept the terms of the License Agreement" and click on Next

Step 7
The screen as shown below is where you choose the "Setup Type" We recommend choosing the Standard and then clicking on Next.

Step 8
You are ready to start installing Thunderbird, Click Next.

Step 9

Thunderbird is installing now.

Step 10

Thunderbird has completed its installation, click Finish.

Step 11 - Setting up the actual Email account

When you open up Thunderbird for the first time a screen as shown below will appear. This "wizard" will walk you through setting up your email account. Put a dot next to "Email Account" and click on Next.


Step 12

On this next screen as shown below, enter your First and Last Name and then your full @pon.net email address and click on the Next button.

Step 13

Now you will select POP or IMAP. We recommend choosing the POP account setting. If you are on the road you can also use our webmail: http://email.pon.net The incoming server needs to be: pop3.pon.net and the Outgoing server needs to be smtp.pon.net Click Next to continue.


Step 14

Now type in your incoming and outgoing user name. This is the first part of your PON.net email address. NO @pon.net. If you have an @domain.com email with Pacific Online, only then do you use your full email address for the Incoming and Outgoing user names as shown in the screen below. Click Next


Step 15

Now type in a name that you would like to call this email account. Most people simply type in their full email address as shown in the screen below. Click Next


Step 16

Please review the information in the screen below. Click Next if these settings look fine, or click Back to go back and change it.


Main Screen

In the Thunderbird main menu you will see something that looks like the graphic shown below. This is where you read, create, reply and do other mail options.

Accessing Account Setting Information
If you ever need to go back and access the account settings that you entered in using the above instructions, simply go to the Tools menu and choose "Account Settings".


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