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Creating identities is what you should do if you have more than one email address and you share a common computer with others. It allows you to use Outlook Express and setup 2 or more email addresses for more than one person on Outlook Express. Identities will separate your email from mail in the other email boxes. In addition it allows you to separate out your address book from the other address books. Please review the instructions and screen shots below.
Note: some versions of Outlook Express also have a: File >> Identities >> add new Identity option. You can use this sequence of commands also to add a new identity - or simply follow the screen shots and instructions below.
First, open Outlook Express and then go to File and click on Switch Identities.
Next click on the Manage Identities button.
Now, click on the New button.
Now type in your first and last name. Place a checkmark next to Require password if you want Outlook Express to ask you for a password any time you switch to this identity. They type in your password in the pop up box. Then click OK to continue. 

When Outlook express prompts you if you want to switch to the new identity, click yes and Outlook express will shut down and then restart.

Once Outlook Express has restarted, the email wizard will pop up and you will need to fill out the account information for your Pacific Online hosted email. For instructions on how to setup your email in Outlook Express please visit our main support page: www.pon.net/support and choose the appropriate Outlook Express email setup link.
Switching Identities:
From the the File pull down menu, click Switch Identity. Select the user/identity you want to switch to. 


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