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These screen shots and instructions will help you configure Netscape 6 for use with Pacific Online. If you have any questions or difficulties please contact us or email support@pon.net

Please Note: These screenshots were taken using Netscape 6.0 on Windows 2000 so your particular version of Netscape may look slightly different, but the material presented here should closely resemble what you will be seeing.
Step 1
In Netscape go to your Edit menu, then select Preferences. In the Preferences window

Step 2
Find and double-click on the Navigator section on the left-hand panel. These settings determine how Netscape looks when you first start it up. 
The first section labeled "When Navigator starts up, display" has three options of changing the way Netscape looks when it first starts up. If you want Netscape to simply show a blank screen when it first starts up instead of loading a web page, click the dot next to "Blank page". If you want Netscape to show your Start Page (as defined in the second section of this window) click the dot next to "Home page". If you want Netscape to display the last page you viewed click the dot next to "Last page visited".
In the "Home Page" area you can set what web site you would like Netscape to show when it first starts. If you have a web site you frequently go to and wish to have that page show up every time you load up Netscape enter the URL (web address) for that site in the "Location" box. Alternatively, you can use the "Use Current Page" button to set Netscape to show the web page that you had loaded when you entered in the Preferences area. 
In the Toolbars area, you can check or uncheck the selections that you would like to see or not see on Netscape. These are purely your preference.

Step 3
Under the Navigator selection click on History. On the right-hand side is preferences on how you would like Netscape to deal with the web page history and location bar.
Under "Browsing History" you can set Netscape to clear its history of web pages it has viewed 

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5


Step 6

Step 7

This help section only covered the main areas of Netscape's Preferences section as these are the areas that we get the most questions about. The rest of the preferences pertaining to Mail are covered in the Netscape Mail settings section, and the other preferences not covered here or in the Mail section are settings purely up to you in how they are configured. If you do decide to change settings not covered by these help sections, please make a copy of all the settings at their default listings before you make changes in case you change something you find you do not like but cannot figure out how to change it back.


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