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Creating a Shortcut
There are two ways to create a shortcut to a file in another location. The first method is a little more time consuming so the second method is the recommended method of choice.

1. First you must find the file or folder that you want to create a shortcut for. 
Next you must select the item and then choose the Make Alias option from the file menu. The MacOS will create the alias alongside the original item.

Chances are this is not where you want the alias so you will have to drag it to the desired location is a bother. 

2. The second option is to hold down the Option and Command keys and then start dragging the original icon to the new location where you want the alias to be. The cursor will change to include a small curved arrow which indicates an alias. When you release the mouse button, the MacOS will create an alias in the new location.
Add/Remove Items from Launcher
First of all you must have Launcher Version 2.7 or higher to be able to customize it. 

In order to add an item to the Launcher you need to drag an icon over the Launcher window. This will put an "alias" of the item in the actual Launcher while leaving the original item behind. 

In order to remove an item from the Launcher you need to hold down the Option key, click on the button, and then drag it to the Trash bin. 

Lastly you may want to change the size of the items in the Launcher. To do this merely hold down the Command key & click in any blank space in the window. A pop up window will then appear - choose a button size from this pop up window. 


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