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Welcome to the Macintosh OS9 Support Page. 
Macintosh OS9 Internet Setup Assistant
How to configure the Internet Setup Assistant for Macintosh OS9.
If you have any technical issues that were not covered here or if you have any difficulties with these instructions feel free to contact us.
Files & Updates
Program Description File
Netscape Navigator  Netscape is a popular 3-party web browser, Email program and newsgroup reader. Download
Eudora Light Eudora Light is a popular 3-party email program. You do not need to download this if you are using Netscape Navigator or Netscape Communicator. Download
Please note that you can find later versions of Netscape at netscape.com. You can also find a later version of Eudora at eudora.com.
Please be aware that Pacific Online technical support cannot assist you with troubleshooting or setting up any other programs besides Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Netscape Navigator or Communicator, or Eudora.

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