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These screen shots and instructions will help you configure Internet Explorer version 5 and early versions of Internet Explorer version 6 for use with Pacific Online. If you have any questions or difficulties please contact us or email support@pon.net

Please Note: These screenshots were taken using an early release of Internet Explorer 6 so your particular version of Internet Explorer (either 5 or 6) may look slightly different but the material presented here should closely resemble what you will be seeing.

Also, these instructions were written with Windows in mind, although they should work fine with the Macintosh version of Internet Explorer. As always, you may notice minor visual differences between these screenshots taken from Windows when compared with what you are seeing on your Macintosh.

Step 1
     On Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / ME:
Go to your Start Menu, then select Settings, then click on Control Panel. In Control Panel find and double-click on either Internet or Internet Options.
     On Macintosh, all OS'es
Open Internet Explorer as you normally would. Go to your Edit menu, then select Preferences. If you do not have a Preferences menu under Edit, check the other menus for Settings, Configuration, Options, etc.

Step 2

The first box labeled "Home Page" is where you can enter a new starting page. The URL you enter here will be what web page you see when you first startup Internet Explorer. 
Instead of manually entering a certain web page into the box, you can use one of the three buttons below the box to let Internet Explorer help you to assign a new startup page. If you wish to use the page you are currently viewing, click the "Use Current" button. If you wish to use the page Microsoft has assigned in Internet Explorer click the "Use Default" button. If you wish to use a completely blank page click the "Use Blank" button.

Step 3
This is a completely optional area of the Internet Explorer settings area and should be left the way it is setup by default. However, if you wish to "tweak" your Internet Explorer settings feel free to explore what you can enable and disable with your browser. If you find that you have turned something on or off that you did not want to, just come back into this area and click the "Default Level" button to restore these settings back to their defaults.

Step 4

Most likely if you are using Internet Explorer 5 you should not see this tab; but regardless what version of Internet Explorer you have if you have this tab we recommend leaving these settings the way they are set by default.

Step 5
This tab, for the most part, should be left the way it comes. We do recommend that you do not turn on the Content Advisor as if you forget your password it is extremely difficult to turn the Content Advisor back off.
The rest of the information in here is purely optional and is not required to access web pages through Pacific Online.

Step 6
If you have multiple icons under the "Dial-up settings" box make sure to select Pacific Online and click the "Set Default" button to ensure that you are connecting to Pacific Online.
If you want Pacific Online to automatically dial and connect to the Internet when you open Internet Explorer click on the dot next to "Dial whenever a network connection is not present". If you find that your computer is randomly dialing to the Internet click the dot next to "Never dial a connection". However if you have to set this option you will need to make sure you double-click your Pacific Online icon to get online before you open Internet Explorer.
The rest of the options in this area are best left as their defaults.

Step 7
Click on the "HTML editor" box and select what HTML editor program you wish to use. If you have Web Page editing programs such as Microsoft FrontPage these programs will appear in the list. If you do not see what program you would like to use you will need to select Notepad.
Click on the "E-mail" box and select the email program you are using. This could be anything from Eudora to Internet Mail to Outlook. If you installed our Pacific Online software from our CD you should select Outlook Express (unless you specifically want to use another email program). If you are not using Pacific Online's email services or if you use our Internet Mail web page leave this box blank.
If you use newsgroups and wish to assign a program to read the newsgroups, click on the "Newsgroups" box and select the program you wish to use. This is purely optional and not needed for Pacific Online.
The boxes for "Internet call", "Calendar", and "Contact list" are purely optional and are not needed for Pacific Online. However if you do use programs related to these options you can click on the corresponding boxes and select the program you wish to use for these programs.
Finally, if you found that you changed these settings and want to set them back to their original state, click the "Reset Web Settings" button.

Step 8
All of the settings in these categories are purely user preference. However, we do recommend that under the Security section you check on "Use Fortezza", "Use PCT 1.0", "Use SSL 2.0", "Use SSL 3.0", and "Use TLS 1.0". These are types of security measures used my Internet Explorer to send and receive data to and from secure web sites, like online banking sites and such.

When you are done with the settings of Internet Explorer or wish to leave this area you can hit OK at any time to save what you have changed and exit out of the preferences area. If you wish to discard all the changes you have made click the Cancel button.
If you find that you changed something that in the future you did not want to change for whatever reason you can re-run through these instructions whenever you want.
If you have any questions or problems with these instructions or anything related to them, feel free to contact us here at Pacific Online.


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