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Pacific Online offers Front Page Server extensions for business web sites. Pricing for a business web site is a one-time $10 activation fee. If you have Front Page, but do not want to enable the extensions, you can still use Front Page with Pacific Online. Please select from the topic below:

How to enable Front Page Server Extensions with Pacific Online.
If you have a business web site and you requested the Front Page server Extensions when you signed up, they should already be installed. If you did not, please contact Pacific Online - support@pon.net

What address do I use to publish my Web Site to Pacific Online?
For business Web Sites use your Domain Name. For instance, if your company has a registered Domain name of www.company.com then type that in when you are prompted for the remote server or web site after you click the Publish button.

When I try to publish my Web Site I get error messages.
Error messages could mean many things. Your best course of action would be to copy the exact wording of the error message and send it in an e-mail to support@pon.net. Place "FrontPage Error" in the subject line so it can be routed to the Front Page administrator. One common cause of errors is the personal web server. If you have installed the personal web server, disable it before attempting to publish your site to Pacific Online. Front Page explore will error out because the personal web server will reroute all traffic bound for your web site to itself. If an operation times out try again after 10 minutes. The Server may have many Front Page sites active at a single time. If it continues after 30 minutes report it to support@pon.net

Who should I contact if I have problems or questions about Front Page hosting and publishing?
The best way to contact the correct person is to write to support@pon.net and place "FrontPage Error" or "FrontPage Question" in the subject line. This way the e-mail will be routed to the correct person. Pacific Online has several people dedicated to Front Page support problems. Calling tech support may not resolve your problem. If after receiving an e-mail the technician may call you. Otherwise they will e-mail you an answer.

When using FTP to transfer FrontPage Web files to the server, which files should not be transferred?  
FrontPage’s Publish command utilizes HTTP to communicate with the web server. The command will not transfer the local FrontPage Server Extension files to the target server. When using an FTP application, it is important to transfer only the content files from the originating web server. Do not FTP any _vti _* directories. If these directories or files are transferred, they will overwrite the existing files on the target server. FrontPage Server Extensions should only be installed using the FrontPage Server Administrator utility on the host server or remotely using the HTML Administration Forms. If your web site does not have Front Page server extensions but you are still using Front Page to create your web site, simply FTP only the content of your web site and not _vti_* directories.


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