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Open Eudora Pro

Then click Tools and select Options. 
Next, click the Getting Started picture button located in the left hand column

Real name: type in your name
Return address: type your full email address (ex: jusername@pon.net)
Mail Server (Incoming): type pop3.pon.net
Login Name: type username@pon.net or if you have a business account, type your full business email
Business Emails Only:
(i.e. .com, .org, .net, .biz - other) --> Your Login name MUST be your full email address.
Next in the left column click the Advanced Network picture button located in the left hand column

Network open timeout: type 120
Network timeout after: type 120. 

Uncheck the Cache network info checkbox. 
Click the OK button. You are now ready to use Eudora to send and receive email.     

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