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These instructions will walk you through how to setup Eudora Light for use on Windows 95 or 98.

Eudora is a free email program available from www.eudora.com After you install this program - you will automatically be prompted to setup your email account. However, if you need to reconfigure
your email account, you would do so by going to the Tools pull down menu and then choosing Options. 
Be sure under the title called Category, the "Getting Started" icon is highlighted blue. Then fill out the information as you see in the screen below, replacing "username@pon.net" with your email address. 
Business Emails Only:
(i.e. .com, .org, .net, .biz - other) --> 
The POP account field MUST be your full email address.
Now highlight the Personal Info Icon blue. This may already be filled out. It should contain the items you see in the below screen shot. 
Next skip down to the icon called Sending Mail - click on it to highlight it blue and fill out the Return Address and the SMTP server like you see below.
Click the OK button. You are now ready to use Eudora to send and receive email.     

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