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The following instructions explain how to setup DreamWeaver 4 for FTP access to your Pacific Online business or personal account.
Open Dreamweaver 4
Now that Dreamweaver 4 has been opened, click on the "Site" menu & then select "New Site..."
The Site Definition window will appear. Be sure you are clicked on the "Local Info" category that appears in the upper left hand side of your screen:

Site Name: type in a name for your new site - this can be whatever you want to use
Local Root Folder: This is the directory on your computer where you store your website files. 
Refresh Local File List Automatically: should be checked
Cache: Enable Cache: should be checked
HTTP Address: should have a default of - "http://" 
In the left hand column click on the heading titled: "Remote Info"

On the left hand side of this screen, pull down the "Access" menu by clicking on the down arrow

Choose FTP from the menu options - this will load further options in this same screen

You should still be clicked on the "Remote Info" heading in the left side of the screen

FTP Host: ftp.domain.com - where domain.com is your domain (NO www). If you have a personal site you would enter: ftp.pon.net
Host Directory: leave blank
Login: domain name (NO www or .extension) If you have a personal website, enter your username
Password: enter your password

Click on "Save" if you would like DreamWeaver to remember your password
Be sure "Use Passive FTP" AND "Use Firewall" is unchecked

Finally click "OK" 
This screen may appear next - simply click "OK"
Click on the "Site" window to highlight it blue at the top, or if it is not open, click on "Window" and select "Site Files" to open it

Now that you are in the Site window, click on the "Site" menu & then select "Connect"

This will divide the Site window into two columns. The files on your computer are listed in the right-hand column and the files in your website on Pacific Online's server are listed in the left-hand column. If for some reason you do not see two columns click on the small arrow in the bottom left corner of the Site window.

Now you are ready to move files from your computer to Pacific Online's web server. To upload files to the server, select the files from the right on your local drive and use the mouse to drag them into the appropriate folder on the left
Lastly If any problems should occur when attempting to upload files such as error messages do the following:

Select "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu
A preferences window will appear. 

Always show: should be set to "Local Files on the Right"
FTP Time Out: should have a value set between 60 and 120 seconds
Firewall Port: should have a default value of 21

Once these preferences are set, click OK and return to FTPing files.

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