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Operating System Settings Link
Windows XP Windows XP
Windows 2000 Windows 2000  
Windows NT 4.0 Windows NT 4.0
Windows 95 & 98 Windows 95 & 98
Windows 3.1x (Not supported) Windows 3.1x
Macintosh TCP MacTCP

Click the link for the operating system you are using. If you are unsure what operating system you have but know if it is Windows or a Mac here are some things you can try.

I Am Pretty Sure It Is Windows...
If you are using Windows and have a My Computer icon on your desktop, right-click on it and select Properties. On the window that comes up in the upper-right hand corner of the screen there will be some text that reads something to the effect of "Microsoft Windows 98" or "Microsoft Windows 2000". 

I Am Pretty Sure It Is A Macintosh...
If you are using Macintosh go to your upper-left hand corner and click on the Apple menu. In the Apple menu find and click on About This Macintosh. On the screen that comes up look for something labeled "Macintosh OS ###" where ### equals what version of the Macintosh OS you are using.

I Don't Know What I Am Running!
If you are completely unsure as to what operating system you are using a simple way to find out what you are using would be to restart your computer and watch it while it restarts. Sooner or later you will see a screen that says what it is running as well as some type of a version number. On Macintosh this window is predominately shown from start to nearly the finish of the booting process, and on a Windows computer about half way through the booting process you should see a screen that says what type of Windows it is running.

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