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Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is lower cost alternative to e-Commerce. SSL allows you to process credit cards in non-real time. For example, a customer purchases something from your web site. They fill out a form on your web site and their credit card information is securely encrypted to the web server. Once the credit card number is emailed it can then be used for manual credit card processing. 

Online credit card transactions are secured via Pacific Online's secure server. 

Here is an example of a website form:

Once you have created a form on your web site, you will need to direct the information that people enter to your email address. To do this, you will use Pacific Online's Form-to-Mail script. The form-to-mail script takes information entered into a Web Site Form, converts it, and then mails it securely to a specified e-mail address. 

The HTML code for the Form-to-Mail Script is available at the following URL:


One-Time Activation Fee Monthly Fee
$10 $10

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