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  The Premium Hosting Package is a step up from our Standard Hosting package. With the Premium you simply get more of everything as well as additional services not offered in the Standard package.
If you have specific questions regarding the following please call our office 636-2000 or email info@pon.net    NEW!Submit the Editable Business Application -- Thanks to Paul of Tincknell & Tincknell for creating this
Premium Hosting Details ($29.95/mo)   Premium Hosting Features
Catchall Email 30 Email Boxes Web Based Email
Active Server (ASP) ASP.net Custom CGI Bin
Perl PHP (Windows) Cold Fusion
Web-Based Admin Portal* 1000 MB Web Space  Website Creation Wizard
Website Promotion Hit Counter Website Checker
Form Mail Ad Server Easy Blog Builder
FP 2003 Srvr Exts Appointment Scheduler Free Technical Support**
Listing on Business Page Monthly Billing OK 7.5% discount yr prepay
Ecommerce - Premium Hosting comes shopping cart ready. Note that you will need a Merchant Account.

**Content, form & cgi application technical support is provided via email only
Fully redundant clustered servers Reduced downtime 24x7 monitoring
Compatible with Website Wizard Add a store to your existing site
Add images to product listings Show them what they are buying!
Product management features Alert customers of sold out products
Includes 2-tier sales tax calculator and S&H charge function Maintain compliance with authorities and recoup all charges
All International currencies 100% functional in all markets
Email Autoresponders for customers Improve customer care
Handles unlimited product SKUs The more you have, the more it sells!
Auto-verifies every order to email Store works 24X7

Additional Information:

  • Premium Hosting Web Site traffic is up to 48 GB per month    
  • Domain registrations start at $30/yr/Domain. Multiple year discounts
     may apply. Bulk Domain Registration Information
  • You can remotely administer your site using Microsoft FP2002
  • 1 free Domain Name transfer is included per each I-Business package   
  • Physically Transfering web content in conjunction with transferring your domain name is a one-time $10 fee (some restrictions may apply) 
  • Pointing domains - $10 per each pointing of a domain to another domain hosted by Pacific Online (Please contact Pacific Online for bulk pricing). This only includes DNS records for yourdomain.com and yourname.com Other services for pointed domains (such as email accounts or extra web space) are not included and additional fees would apply.    
  • Note: If you upgrade from our Standard Hosting and you are using our Livestats package, Livestats will no longer work with Premium Hosting
  • Sites Currently hosting with Pacific Online 

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