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is broadband high speed Internet  Access. DSL is dedicated access meaning that it is connected 24/7. DSL does not tie up your existing phone line like a conventional modem.
Check if you qualify for DSL!

Pacific Online DSL currently covers most of Northern California; San Francisco Bay area up to Eureka, Stockton/Modesto, Sacramento vicinity, and Chico and Redding vicinities.

We also offer: Business DSL and Static IP DSL

Standard DSL, Residential
Month to Month (No hidden fees, contracts or taxes)
DSL Plans Cost/Month
Home 1500
384Kbps -1.5Mbps Down
128kbps - 384kbps Up
Home 3000
1.5Mbps-3.0Mbps Down
Home 6000
1.5Mbps-6.0Mbps Down
384Kbps-608Kbps Up

We no longer offer DSL Modems for sale. In most cases the basic DSL modems sold in stores will work; i.e. Bestbuy currently sells a Netgear ADSL2+ modem in-store that will work well (Feb 2016).

Here are some older models that work as well (might still be found used online):   Netopia/motorola 3347 | Westell Wirespeed 2100 | Motorola 2210 | Motorola 2247e | Zoom X6 WiFi Router | Broadmax HSA300A | SpeedStream 4100 | Zoom 5515/5615 Bridge
Other Details
1. First month's payment, & agreement to the Terms and Services (either verbal or written) must
    be received before a DSL order is placed
2. None, some or all of the above plans may not be available in all areas
3. The pricing above is for *Residential* DSL only
4. A valid credit card must be kept on file and will be used for DSL charges
5. You must have AT&T phone service in order to signup for DSL 
6. All Residential DSL accounts include one (1) @pon.net email & 100 mb personal website
Static IP's
Choose from 4-8 IP addresses. Click here for pricing

Self Installation
Allow 3-5 business days after you place the order until you have working DSL in your home.

NOTE: An Ethernet card is required to use DSL and is not included with purchases of DSL Modems. Pacific Online, Inc., supplies DSL connectivity to one (1) computer via the ADSL modem. Connectivity for multiple computers requires additional networking hardware, which is not supplied by Pacific Online, Inc. Pacific Online, Inc., does not provide troubleshooting or setup instructions for private networks.
  Terms of Service
Please click here to read our DSL Terms of Service (TOS)

Do you Qualify?
Please fill out the pre-qualification form

Speed Test
Once you have DSL installed you can run this Speed Test
This provides a reasonable test of your actual DSL speed.



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