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We offer competitively priced business DSL plans ranging up to 6Mbps.

Pacific Online DSL currently covers a majority of California; San Francisco Bay area, Santa Rosa up to Eureka, Los Angeles vicinity, Stockton/Modesto, Sacramento vicinity, and Chico and Redding vicinities. Click here for a coverage map.

 - Plans are Month to Month (No hidden fees,
   contracts or taxes on the monthly service)

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DSL Plans Cost/Month DSL Modem**
Business 1500
384Kb -1.5Mb Down
128kb - 384kb Up
$34.95/mo No longer offered
Business 3000
1.5Mb-3.0Mb Down

$39.95/mo No longer offered
 Business 6000
1.5Mb-6.0Mb Down

384Kb-608Kb Up
$49.95/mo No longer offered

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Static IP's

Choose from 4-8 IP addresses. Click here for pricing

We no longer offer DSL Modems for sale. Most dsl modems will work with our service - several we recommend are:

Netopia/motorola 3347 | Westell Wirespeed 2100 | Motorola 2210 | Motorola 2247e | Zoom X6 WiFi Router | Broadmax HSA300A | SpeedStream 4100 | Zoom 5515/5615 Bridge



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