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Holiday Office & Tech Support Hours
Dec 16,  2002 - Our office will be closing early 12/24/02 at 3:00pm and we will return 12/26/02 at 9:00am. Thank you.

  Christmas Eve 12/24/02 ... 9am - 3pm
  Christmas Day 12/25/02 ... CLOSED
  New Years Day 01/01/03 ... CLOSED

Final Fiber Cut Update

    Nov 15,  2002 - (10:05pm) Our provider has restored the data circuit. There does not appear to be further problems. Thank you for your patience.

Fiber Cut Update
    Nov 15,  2002 - (7:20pm) (7:20pm) Repair on the fiber cut is now occurring. Estimated time of repair (ETR) is about 2 hours.

Fiber Cut Update

Nov 15,  2002 - (6:00pm) The exact point of the fiber cut has been located. Techs from our 3rd party data provider are converging on the point of the outage with replacement fiber. We will continue to post updates as the repairs continue.

Fiber Cut

    Nov 15,  2002 - (5:30pm) Pacific Online has been working with our provider to resolve a loss of routing to our West Coast POPs. This will affect some of our POPs in Central and Southern California, as well as Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Seattle. Users dialing into these sites will experience authentication and routing issues. We will continue to post updates as they become available.

SPAM Filtering Issue Resolved

    Oct 29,  2002 - Pacific Online has been working with a third party SPAM filtering vendor this past week whose SPAM filtering software is run on one of our mail servers. When we upgraded to their latest version - we could no longer successfully use their software. Fortunately with vendor assistance were able to resolve this problem yesterday and our normal anti-SPAM filtering has resumed.

Circuit Moved

    Oct 9,  2002 -
The final T1 circuit was switched over this morning (this was the last circuit that needed to be moved as a result of our office move). This caused a brief period this morning when 56k users were not able to authenticate. Routing has now been restored. 

Moved Into New Office

    Oct 7,  2002 -
Pacific Online is now moved into its new office at 320 College Ave - Suite 205. Click here for directions to the new office. 

Move Update

    Oct 4,  2002 - (3:01AM) Co-location customers were moved this evening/morning and now have connectivity at the new office. The Pacific Online servers will be moved later today. Updates on move progress will be posted here.

Office Closed During Re-location

    Oct 1,  2002 - Pacific Online will be closing the office at 3pm this Friday Oct 4 for the re-location of the main office. In addition, the office will also be closed Saturday Oct 5th. Voice mail will record any messages that come in during this time and will be responded to on Sunday Oct 6th when the office re-opens. The move will not impact the 56k Dialup or Email service.

Pacific Online Hiring New Technical Support Rep

    Oct 1, 2002 - Pacific Online is currently in the process of hiring a new technical support representative. If you are interested in more details about this position, please contact Pacific Online at 707.636.2000

Pacific Online Re-locating Office

    Sept 23, 2002 - Pacific Online will be re-locating on Saturday 10/5/02 to 320 College Avenue, Suite 205, Santa Rosa, CA. The move will not impact the 56k Dialup or Email service. Our mailing address remains the same (P.O. Box 1659, Santa Rosa, CA 95402).

Crushers Make Playoffs
    Sept 3, 2002 - Congratulations to the Sonoma County Crushers - they clinched a playoff spot against the Chico Heat. The Crushers finished the regular season with a 49-41 record and are making their first playoff appearance since 1999. Pacific Online will broadcast all playoff games live on the Internet

Closed Labor Day

    Aug 30, 2002 - Pacific Online will be closed Monday September 2nd - Labor Day. Have a safe holiday. 

Routing Issue Resolved

    Aug 19, 2002 7:00pm - Our data provider has now been able to restore all service to the down oc-48. At this time all users should be able to connect and route in all locations. 

Routing Issue Currently Being Worked on
Aug 19, 2002 5:20pm
Our upstream data provider has isolated a connection issue in several of our western US area code POPS to a down oc-48 in their network. This is affecting certain area codes. They have dispatched an engineer to a remote location to move the entire oc-48 to a new path. They have provided us with a 1 hour ETA. Once this engineer completes his work all routing should be restored to all affected locations. We will continue to post updates as they are made available to us.

Santa Rosa Art Walk
Aug 16, 2002 -
The Santa Rosa Art Walk, held from August 16-18 is an event in which community-minded businesses will open their doors to host Sonoma County artists and their creations. Pacific Online is a proud sponsor of this event. Please visit www.santarosaartwalk.com for more information and details.

Highway Cleanup
Aug 16, 2002 -
Pacific Online will be cleaning up a portion of Highway 12 near Kenwood, CA this Sunday. If you are interested in helping out at this event, please email cleanup@pon.net for the time and details. 

WebMail Upgrade Patch Applied
    July 12, 2002 -
Pacific Online recently applied an upgrade patch to Webmail version 7.2. This fixed several known bugs and also changed the look of the user side SPAM filtering. Now you can filter emails so that they never reach your email box - please refer to Pacific Online's Webmail Filter Page for instructions on how to filter out unwanted email.
Office to close early on July 4th

    July 1, 2002 - Pacific Online will close at 5pm on Thursday July 4th. Please have a safe and happy 4th of July.

New Radius Servers
    June 24, 2002 -
Pacific Online has recently migrated it's existing radius server which handles user authentications to a new primary and secondary server powered by radius software by Vircom.  Having both a primary radius server and an off network backup radius software adds an extra level of redundancy and security allowing dial up to remain operational in the event of a software issue, extended power failure, hard drive crash or other unexpected failure.

Virus Alert
    June 22, 2002 -
There is a virus called KLEZ which is being spread on the Internet. It is a virus that will email itself from infected machines using random "FROM" e-mail addresses stored on the infected computer's hard drive.

    It is a good idea to keep up to date anti-virus software on your computer. In addition, never open any e-mail attachments that you were not expecting, or are unfamiliar with. 

    More information about this virus is available here 

"Tools" Page 
May 28, 2002 -
The following Tools web page has been created created in order to provide alternative solutions for helping to reduce SPAM, Viruses, and annoying pop up ads. 

Santa Rosa Rose Parade Photos
May 23, 2002 -
Please click here to view photos taken during the 108th annual Santa Rosa Luther Burbank Rose Parade. Pacific Online sponsored the Cal Poly Solar Car Club in this parade. This was the first year that Pacific Online had an entry in this annual parade. 
Circuit Repair
May 21, 2002 (11:19am) -
Our data provider has repaired two circuits that were intermittently failing causing sporadic busy signals during peak useage. Repairs were completed this morning and required our modems to be power cycled at 10:30am. The cycling cause a short connection outage as each portmaster was rebooted. The cycling was completed by 10:45am and all dial up services are operational.

Crusher's Baseball to be Broadcast
May 14, 2002 -
Crusher's baseball is small-town baseball, essentially America's pastime at the core. Each game is a family event - before the game ...more

Virus Alert

May 8, 2002 - a new virus called W32.Gibe is circulating on the Internet. One method of delivery is in a fake Microsoft security update email. Please remember a *Legitimate* Microsoft security bulletin will never have a file attachment in it - instead it will have a link to download the security update, and the link will always be part of www.microsoft.com
Domain Name Registration Special
April 11, 2002 - Pacific Online can now register any of the following domain names: .com, .net, .biz, .info, .tv, .org, .ws, .cc and .bz. For information about the meaning of each of these extensions please visit: http://www.pon.net/service/dns.htm
    For the months of April, May & June 2002 any new domain names your register through Pacific Online are $25/domain name. Pacific Online normally charges $35 per domain name. This domain name registration special expires on June 30, 2002.

Bumper Stickers Available

March 14, 2002 - Pacific Online has recently printed color bumper stickers. If you'd like one, please email accounts@pon.net - include your @pon.net e-mail address (or domain hosted by Pacific Online) and a physical mailing address. Limit one per Pacific Online customer. Available while supplies last.

Sonoma County High School Career Fair
March 14, 2002 - Pacific Online, in conjunction with The North Bay Technology Roundtable, will be supporting the Career Fair at the Finley Center (Santa Rosa, CA). High school students will have the opportunity to discuss high-tech jobs with those already employed in the industry. The Career Fair is being held Tuesday & Wednesday March 26th and 27th, 2002.

    For more information about upcoming events sponsored by The North Bay Technology Roundtable, please visit their site at: www.nbtr.org

North Bay Academic Decathlon
February 7, 2002 -
A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers who in conjunction with Pacific Online helped out at the North Bay Academic Decathlon. This was very fulfilling for all involved including the volunteers as well as the students participating. We look forward to helping out again next year.

January 26, 2002 -
Pacific Online is helping to support the North Bay Regional Academic Decathlon to be held February 2, 2002 at Elsie Allen High School (Santa Rosa, CA). 

Pacific Online Education Page
January 15, 2002 -
Pacific Online has written an online "education page" available at: www.pon.net/support/education/

    This is an excellent resource if you receive Spam and or have ever received viruses or are concerned about viruses on the Internet. The Education Page defines Spam, describes ways to filter Spam using PON WebMail & Outlook Express, and explains virus protection & computer security.

Price Change Reminder
    January 8, 2002 -
Information about Pacific Online's price change which will take effect on Tuesday January 15th, can be found at: www.pon.net/news/pricechange.htm 

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