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Office to Close Early Dec 24th 
December 21, 2001 - Pacific Online's office will be closing at 4pm on Monday December 24th. Happy Holidays & Season's Greetings!

New Members Page Launched 
November 21, 2001 - Please visit Pacific Online's new and revised Member's Page at http://www.pon.net/member This page includes a calendar of events, a webmail login, search engine listings and much more!

Holiday Gift Certificates Available
   November 14, 2001 - If you would like to purchase a gift certificate for that someone special, we are waiving the startup fee on the 6-month and 12-month signups. Gift certificates must be filled out for new Pacific Online accounts only and cannot be filled out for oneself.

Power Cycling Modems (11:20am)
    November 14, 2001 - The power cycling of the modems has been   
   successfully completed. All modems are back online and are fully 

Power Cycling Modems 
November 14, 2001 -
For a few minutes between 11 and 12:30am this 
   morning Pacific Online's modems will be power cycled. If you cannot 
   connect please try again after a few minutes. This maintenance will only 
   take a few minutes; it needs to be done ever so often and is done to 
   maintain modem performance.

Ecommerce Presentation

    November 1, 2001 - Pacific Online’s Director of Marketing, David 
   Thompson will be giving a free of charge short informal overview 
   e-Commerce presentation on Thursday November 29 at 10AM & again at 
   1pm. This presentation will be held at Pacific Online’s headquarters: 131 
   Stony Circle Suite 400 in Santa Rosa. Allow at least an hour for the 
   presentation which will then be followed by a short question and answer 

   Seating is limited. Please confirm your attendance and reserve a seat      
   by calling David Thompson at 707.636.2000. Due to logistics and 
   space requirements the maximum seating will be limited to no more than 
   4 individuals. 

New Equipment

    October 26, 2001
The new battery backup has been successfully installed - 
   in addition a new network card was put into the mail server. There were 2 or 
   3 times over the past few days that the mail server stopped for a few 
   seconds. This new card will eliminate those problems.  


    October 22, 2001
At approximately 1pm a circuit breaker outage occurred at 
   Pacific Online's central office which affected email and websites. This 
   problem was resolved and fixed within about 20 minutes. We apologize for 
   this downtime.  A new battery backup is on its way. 

New Start Page

    October 18, 2001 -
Pacific Online's start page has been changed from 
   Yahoo.com to www.my.yahoo.com . This new page is entirely 
   customizable - you can add and change information such as stocks, 
   weather, sports and much more. You will need a Yahoo ID and a Yahoo 
   Password to use this start page. For convenience We recommend using 
   your Pacific Online ID and Password. 

Calendar Option on Webmail
October 18, 2001 - A full feature calendar option is now available on Pacific  
   Online's web mail (email.pon.net) Once you login to this page choose the 
   "calendar" option available at the top of the screen. This calendar has 
   options to add events on particular dates, automatically send email
   invitations, add notes/tasks and more! 

Search Feature Enabled
    October 18, 2001 - The "Search" feature in the Pacific Online Portal software 
   has been enabled. A search box and 9 other search engine links are 

Pacific Online CD version Available for Download
   October 12, 2001 - Pacific Online has recently upgraded its CD portal 
   software. This portal page is slightly larger than our original version. This 
   new version works on Windows 95/98, 2000, ME & NT 4.0. Do not attempt 
   to install this on Macintosh computers. 

   Download New Version Now (size = 4.29mb)

New Newsgroup Service Offered 
October 11, 2001 - Pacific Online is now offering a new Newsgroup service in which you can read, post, and decode news. You can access these newsgroups by either of the following two methods:

1. Visiting this website: http://newsguy.com/news.htm  
   2. Or by the traditional method of using a NNTP newsreader and pointing it
   to the following news server address: news.pon.net  

   More information about NNTP newsreaders and how to set them up is found 
   here: http://newsguy.com/faqnews.htm 

   In each case above, you will want to login with your Pacific Online 
   username formatted as "username"@pon.net, replacing "username" with 
   your's, along with your regular dialup password. You must have the 
   @pon.net after your username.

   Any technical support questions can be directed to: 

   In addition, the following two Pacific Online specific newsgroups have been 
   setup: pon.support and pon.general 

   Feel free to also post and interact within these two newsgroups. 

   ~ Pacific Online

Highway Cleanup Scheduled 

    October 11, 2001 -
Pacific Online invites customers to help cleanup our 
   section of Highway 12 near Sonoma, CA on Sunday October 21st from 
   11:00am to 12:30pm. All cleanup gear is provided. Please email
   cleanup@pon.net for more information and also if you would like to 
   participate in this event. - The Cleanup Team!

Mail Server Update 

   October 11, 2001 -
There is a noticeable increase in speed in the new mail 
   server. It is processing email faster than the old mail server. We are 
   currently working on fixing a few bugs in the Pacific Online WebMail.

Mail Server Update (2:00pm)

   October 10, 2001 (10:05am)
For a few hours this morning mail was being held 
  in a queue before being delivered to the actual mailboxes. This problem was 
  fixed around 2pm today.  ~ Technical Support Team

Mail Server Update (10:05am)

   October 10, 2001 (10:05am) Web mail is now functional and back online. 
   We apologize for this delay. Web mail can be accessed at 
   http://email.pon.net ~ Technical Support Team

Mail Server Update (9:55am)

October 10, 2001 (9:55am) You may notice sending mail is a little slower than 
   normal. This is because we are still copying all the "spooled" email into the 
   appropriate mailboxes from last night's upgrade. This slowness will be 
   alleviated once all of this spooled mail is finished copying. Web Mail is still 
   being worked on. - Technical Support

Mail Server Update (9:25am)
October 10, 2001 (9:25am) With the exception of web mail, the mail server is 
   now fully functional. The upgrade lasted all night and into the morning. Due 
   to the amount of log files being copied this lasted longer than originally 
   anticipated. The Web Mail is currently being worked on and an update will 
   be posted here as soon as possible. - Technical Support  

Mail & News Server Downtime (for Upgrade)

October 8, 2001
- On Tuesday October 9th at 11:45pm until 6:00am
   Wednesday morning the Main Mail Server for all Pacific Online members 
   will be offline for some important upgrades and addition of new features. 
   During this outage you will still be able to send out mail but you will get no 
   response when trying to receive mail. Mail that might be sent to your 
   mailbox during this outage will be stored on a backup mail server and 
   delivered to your mailbox when the Main Mail server comes back online.

   Please visit our news web page after the upgrade is complete for full details 
   about this upgrade and for future news. http://www.pon.net/news

   Also starting at 1:00am Wednesday Morning the 10th of October, Pacific 
   Online will be changing News Server providers. If you do not use our 
   newsgroup service the following information will not apply.

   For those of you who do use our newsgroup server (NNTP) news.pon.net 
   please be aware that there are some major changes that you will need to 
   make to your news reader client. First, because we are changing providers 
   most newsgroups that you have subscribed to will need to be removed and 
   re-added to reset the read and unread flags within your client. Also news 
   reader clients will be required to login to the service before using it. The 
   login information is the same that you use for your dialup account. For 
   instance if you use example@pon.net and a password of ‘example’ then 
   that is what you will need to use for your news reader client.

   If you have any problems after these upgrades please contact Pacific 
   Online support: Support@pon.net or call 707.636.2000

   Thank you.

   Pacific Online


Network Problems - W32.Nimda.A@mm virus/worm
September 19, 2001 -
Starting at approximately 6am Tuesday morning |
   Pacific Online along with other network providers started seeing and 
   continue to see a increase in traffic. 

   This increase is directly related to the W32.Nimda.A@mm virus/worm.
   Even though Pacific Online servers were not infected our network still
   continues to receive traffic from other infected servers and clients. This
   traffic has caused a strain on our network and our providers networks.
   Currently Pacific Online is working on reducing the traffic created by this
   virus. As this virus is still spreading you should expect web sites and
   email to act slower in response then normal even during normally slow 
   times of the day as overseas servers are just now starting to be infected.

   Pacific Online has detected that some of our customers are infected with
   this virus and is working to notify those customers and what steps they 
   need to take. If you would like to scan your system as a pre-caution 
   download and install the cleaning tool that is provided free of charge by 
   Central Command.  You can get this utility at their website
   or if you are unable to reach their site we also have it available at
   http://www.pon.net/antinimda.exe This program will scan your system for 
   the virus and clean it if it is found. Although Pacific Online cannot support
   you with the installation or use of this product we can field your questions
   to the best of our ability by email. Please send your questions, comments,
   and concerns to support@pon.net

   Due to the impact that this virus has had on Internet as a whole our tech
   support is extremely busy sorting out trouble unrelated to the current
   problems. Please do not call our technical support asking for updates or to
   answer your question about the virus. The best method will to contact them
   by email at support@pon.net

   Here are some links for more information and news about this virus:

Pacific Online to Be Closed Monday
August 30, 2001 - 
In honor of Labor Day, Pacific Online will be closed this 
   Monday September 3rd.

Pacific Online Joins a Technology Roundtable 

August 27, 2001 - Pacific Online has joined and is now a member of The 
   North Bay Technology Roundtable. This organization is comprised of 
   executives from over 25 local technology driven companies as well as 
   representatives from local educational institutions. For more information 
   about The North Bay Technology Roundtable please visit their web site: 

Job Opening (Filled)
   August 9, 2001
- Pacific Online has one full time opening for a customer 
   service/technical support position. For more information regarding this 
   opening at Pacific Online please write to jobs@pon.net

your resume:
   Attn: Employment

Highway cleanup Scheduled
   July 30, 2001 - Pacific Online has scheduled a highway cleanup for 3:30pm 
   on Saturday August 4th along the 101 freeway just north of Windsor, CA. 
   This event will take approximately 1 hour. All cleanup equipment is 
   provided. For more information visit our Community Support Page or email 

Virus Warning 
   July 26, 2001 -There is a new virus spreading via Microsoft Outlook & Outlook 
   Express. It usually contains the following text or something very similar: 
   "Hi! How are you? I send you this file in order to have your advice. See you 
   later. Thanks"
It randomly changes the subject lines and it may include a 
   file which has two .extensions at the end of the file name such as .com.xls. 
   Do not open files that contain multiple extensions such as this. 

   When in doubt of content do not open an email. Some anti-virus software 
   programs that we recommend are:  


New Business Feature 
   July 23, 2001 -As a new feature, every two months Pacific Online will 
   randomly highlight one of the business web sites listed on our Business 
   Page. Details about the business, their services or products and each 
   businesses contact information will be posted on the Spotlight Page. The 
   spotlight page will be linked off of Pacific Online's Business Sites list. A 
   business can only be spotlighted once.  

Anti-Spam Program Implemented 
   July 4, 2001 -Pacific Online has recently implemented a program on our mail 
   server to help combat the increased amount of Spam that we have been 
   This program is targeting the blind "dictionary" Spam attacks (Spammers 
   will take hundreds of thousands of common "names" and put the @pon.net  
   on the end of them, thus flooding our mail server). While this will not remove 
   100% of the Spam we receive it should make a noticeable impact and we 
   will be continuing and improving our anti-Spam measures over time. 
   This should help us, and our customers by drastically reducing the load on 
   our mail server as well as helping to eliminate much of the unsolicited 
   incoming mail we have been receiving. 
  This should not effect any legitimate mail being sent from or to our servers, 
   however if you believe that you are having a problem receiving mail please 
   have the sender forward a copy of the bounce back message they receive 
   to support@pon.net 
   Please keep in mind, our regular telephone support will not be able to 
   assist you with questions or problems regarding our efforts reduce 
   unwanted mass emails. Instead, please direct your inquiries in email form 


Live Interview on TV50
June 28, 2001
- This evening on News Channel KFTY TV 50, Pacific Online 
   provided live commentary regarding the earlier decision by the Appeals 
   court to throw out Microsoft's breakup order. David Thompson, of Pacific 
   Online, provided his reactions to the news. This video clip has been 
   converted to electronic format and is available for download below: 

   Download and watch this interview: INTERVIEW

Racing Vehicle Displayed at Crusher Game
   June 11, 2001 - Recently Mantooth Motor Sports displayed their NASCAR 
   racing vehicle, in part sponsored by Pacific Online at one of the Sonoma 
   County Crusher baseball games (PHOTO). This vehicle will again be on 
   display at Crusher Stadium for one of the games on the weekend of July 

Updates to Support Page
   June 1, 2001 - Pacific Online's support page www.pon.net/support is receiving 
   an overall update. Support instructions including screen shots for the latest 
   Operating Systems have been added as well as a variety of other updates. 
   Work continues on updating the browser and email support sections. 

May Madness! 
   May 1, 2001 - For the month of May 2001 only, Pacific Online is offering 
   "May Madness"
a referral program where instead of the normal one (1) 
   month equivalent of FREE 56k access, Pacific Online customers will 
   receive the equivalent of two (2) months FREE 56k access for referring a 
   customer to Pacific Online. This special offer is valid from May 1, 2001 
   through May 31, 2001. Some restrictions apply. For more information and 
   details please visit http://www.pon.net/member/referral.htm  

Pacific Online to be Closed Sunday
April 15, 2001
-The office will be closed Sunday April 15 due to the Easter 
   Holiday. Pacific Online will resume normal business hours Monday morning 
   at 9am.

Pacific Online now Offers Residential DSL
April 10, 2001 - Pacific Online, Inc. announces the availability of Residential 
   DSL today. Customers can now signup for residential DSL with Pacific 
   Online in locations where it is available. Please visit www.pon.net/dsl for 
   more information.

Pacific Online - Weekday Hour Change
April 9, 2001
- Pacific Online's weekday hours have been changed. We are 
   now open from 9am to 8pm. 

Pacific Online - Battery Backup & Generator Available
March 30, 2001
- In case of rolling blackouts or other power outages, 
   additional batteries have been added to the existing battery back-up 
   system. This will increase our overall run time. In addition a generator is 
   available which will continue to keep services running beyond the capacity 
   of the batteries.

Pacific Online to Cleanup up the 101 near Windsor
March 28, 2001
- Pacific Online will participate in a late afternoon cleanup of 
   one of its Adopt-A-Highway locations along the 101 freeway near Windsor, 
   California. This cleanup will take place Sunday March 25, 2001. For more 
   information and details about this event, please email cleanup@pon.net 

Pacific Online - Maintenance Update/Outage
   March 21, 2001 - Pacific Online has just been informed that our Telecom 
   Provider must perform some emergency maintenance on their telecom 
   Equipment and Network. This maintenance will affect all of Pacific Online's 
   56K Dialup service for all POP numbers ending with -0171 and -0155 in the 
   North Coast and Bay Areas. This maintenance will begin at 2am Thursday 
   Morning March 22nd and may last until 6am the same morning. Pacific 
   Online's network technicians will be monitoring the situation throughout the 
   early morning. 

Pacific Online - Weekend Hours Change
February 7, 2001
- Effective Saturday 2/17/01 & Sunday 2/18/01, Pacific 
   Online's weekend hours of operation will change to 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 
   From these dates onward Pacific Online's normal hours of
   operation are:

Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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