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Welcome to Pacific Online
Welcome on board and thank you for subscribing. We are proud to have been serving the online community since 1996. Our goal is to provide you with reliable and affordable Internet access. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and we offer a 14 day* money back guarantee. If you have any problems or questions with our service please contact us as soon as possible

*Money Back guarantee (for 56k Dialup only) is from the date that the account is activated, regardless of the date of the first connection.
   -- Money back guarantee not available for DSL.
Technical Support
If you need help with your Internet connection here are useful steps to follow:

1) Review the setup instructions you received. If you have not received your instructions please contact our office at (707) 636-2000. Be sure you followed the steps correctly.
2) Visit our Support Web Site for step by step instructions & help with common programs and problems. The following operating systems are available: Windows XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS.8, OS.9 & OS.X. In addition screen shots and instructions are available for: Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Netscape, and also general connection settings.

3) Consult our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) located a www.pon.net/support/FAQs/faq.htm for a list of common questions including basic troubleshooting answers.

4) Contact our Technical Support. There are two effective ways to do this – by phone or email – support@pon.net 
Technical support hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, please press 1 for "support"

Email Questions
If you have questions about account status or billing please contact us by email at accounts@pon.net 

If you have general questions for Pacific Online write to info@pon.net 

Referral Program
Referrals are an extremely important part of our business. For every new customer you refer to us, Pacific Online will credit your account. Please visit our main page www.pon.net - for current referral program details.

Spam Filtering/Tools Page
SPAM and viruses are filtered before reaching your mailbox as they go through Pacific Online’s mail server. This server side software cleans most viruses and eliminates a high percentage of junk mail. For more details please also visit: http://www.pon.net/support/tools.htm 

Web Site Hosting
Pacific Online offerssubscribers a free web site (50MB storage space)Not everyone uses their web space, so we ask that subscribers who want their own web site fill out a Web Site Activation Request form. Once your site is activated your home page URL will be http://home.pon.net/username. Web sites are uploaded via a FTP client to our FTP server, home.pon.net.

  News & Events
For the latest news, events and Pacific Online updates please visit www.twitter.com/pacificonline
Web based Email
Check email via a POP3 or an IMAP server. Regardless of which method you prefer, the
Outgoing Server
pop3.pon.net smtp.pon.net
mail server names remain the same. The web based email client is located at: email.pon.net This link will prompt you for your Pacific Online user ID and Password. It contains an Address  Book, Mail Forwarding,a Signature File, SPAM filtering, Calendar and options to manage Mailboxes.
DSL customers should use smtp2.pon.net, and SMTP

Other useful Links
Personal web sites: http://home.pon.net 
Business web sites: http://www.pon.net/businesslist.htm
Services page: http://www.pon.net/service/index.htm 
     - lists services and prices for personal and business Internet.

Local Access Numbers: http://www.pon.net/serviceareas 
This is a list of all the local dial-up numbers that we offer (including multi-state coverage).

Contact Information
Technical Support: support@pon.net

General Information: info@pon.net
Comments: feedback@pon.net
Account Changes: accounts@pon.net

Voice: 707 636-2000

Business Hours
Phone Hours:
  24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Walk-in Hours:
   Please email accounts@pon.net to arrange an appointment

Again, thank you for choosing Pacific Online

Voice Mail
Pacific Online uses a voice mail system for messages that are left after-hours or during very high call times. It is very important that you leave your return phone number and account email address in the message. Voice mail messages are returned in the order that they are received.


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