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Wouldn't it be great if you could earn FREE Internet access? Well now you can, with Pacific Online's Referral program! Pacific Online no longer has an activation fee - so you get a free month and the person who signs up does not have to pay an activation fee! Here is how it works.

To qualify for the program, you must be a current customer of Pacific Online and have a valid Pacific Online e-mail address. For each new customer you refer to Pacific Online, you receive the equivalent of 1 FREE Month of 56k Internet Access.

The following requirements need to be met in order for the credit to be given. 
  •  The person you refer must sign up for at least 3 months of service.
  • Referral credit is not valid if the new customer cancels within the initial 14 day cancellation period.
  • The proper section of the New Customer's Application must be filled in with the current members e-mail address (name@pon.net). This referral section of the application must be completed by the time the application is processed or the credit may not be applied.
  • Referral credits cannot be cashed out, or transferred in the event that the referring party cancels service.
  • Only one customer may take credit for a referral.
  • Referral credits will not be given when the new subscriber signs up with a coupon, special offer or promotion.
  • Referral credits will not be given when on-the-spot discounts are given to a new subscriber.
  • Free month (s) are calculated up to but not exceeding a $17.95 dollar value per month. 

If you have questions about our referral program please feel free to contact us.  Remember, the more people you refer, the more free Internet access you receive!    

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