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A vital component of any business is strong community support and Pacific Online remains solidly committed to giving back to its community. Pacific Online offers 50% discounted monthly web hosting for 501 (c)3 non-profit organizations. 
  • we limit our non-profit packages to those non-profits with gross annual revenues under $100,000 per year. 
  • Due to demand we now limit new non-profit accounts to two (2) per month. A waiting list will be established if demand exceeds the monthly limit

Pacific Online provides:

  • 5 email accounts - up to 25 aliases
  • 100mb web site hosting
  • No expiration date on the account
  • A listing & description on our Non-Profit Web Site

The non-profit organization agrees to:

  • Recommend Pacific Online to its customers/clients
  • Include a Pacific Online logo on their main web page
  • Keep on file & distribute Pacific Online brochures

For more information about Pacific Online's non-profit program please email accounts@pon.net



What is included with the non-profit hosting program?
100mb of web site space, 5 emails, a domain name transfer and FTP access are included with the non-profit web hosting account. A 56k dialup connection to the Internet is not included. 

How much does a 56k Dialup connection to the Internet cost?
The price for a 56k dialup account is discounted at $15/month for non-profit organizations. The 56k Dialup connection is normally $17.95/month. There is a 7.5% discount for annual pre-payments.

How many non-profits can sign up with Pacific Online each month?
Pacific Online accepts up to two 501 (c)3 non-profit organizations per month. If there are more requests than two, a waiting list will be established. If there is a waiting list, but you want to begin service immediately, you may initially pay for the service. Once your turn on the waiting list is up you will be considered part of Pacific Online’s non-profit hosting program and the service will be free for the web hosting.

Do you have an annual revenue limitation?
We do. We limit our non-profit packages to those non-profits with gross annual revenues under $100,000 per year. All other requests will be subject to individual review.

What type of paperwork is required?
We require the following: A. A copy of a tax-exempt status form such as 501 (c)(3) B. An annual report, budget, or equivalent accounting document (Note: Gross revenue needs to be under $100,000 per year. All other requests will be subject to individual review), and C. one or two newspaper articles or brochures providing information about the organization
What does Pacific Online require of the non-profits?
Non-profit organizations need to keep on file and distribute Pacific Online Internet Access brochures to their organization members. Brochures will be provided by Pacific Online – more can be requested as needed. Pacific Online also requests the Non-Profit to display a hyper linked Pacific Online Logo on their main web site (for more information see below). We recommend mention of Pacific Online in organization promotional material such as newsletters & brochures, and or promotional events.

Where should the Pacific Online hyper linked logo be put on the non-profit web site?
The Pacific Online hyper linked logo needs to be in a prominent location on the main web page of your website. Many non-profits have placed this either at the top or bottom of their main web page.

What other community activities is Pacific Online involved with?
Pacific Online supports diverse programs and organizations such as the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, the Cal Trans Adopt-A-Highway, Sonoma State Athletics, and the annual California Coastal Cleanup.

Does Pacific Online’s non-profit program ever expire?
Pacific Online places no expiration dates on any of its non-profit accounts.


The following are various sized logos. The approximate pixel and kb size of each logo is listed next to the link.

Logo Horizontal1 (jpg) 250 x 71 (6.5kb)
Logo Horizontal2 (jpg) 500 x 142 (16.3kb)
Logo Horizontal3 (jpg) 1000 x 283 (38.4kb)
Logo Horizontal4 (jpg) 1590 x 450 (73kb)
Logo Transparent (jpg) 251 x 71 (6.5kb)
Logo Transparent (gif) 500 x 142 (26.5kb)
Logo Vertical1 (jpg) 250 x 128 (11.7kb)
Logo Vertical2 (jpg) 500 x 256 (28.6kb)
Logo Vertical3 (jpg) 1000 x 512 (65.7kb)
Logo Vertical4 (jpg) 1170 x 594 (83.5kb)
Logo Transparent (gif) 180 x 99 (13.5kb)
Logo Dark (jpg) 251 x 71
Logo Red Text (gif) (17.7kb)
Logo Horiz. Inc Small (gif) 250 x 73 (2.3kb)
Logo Horiz. Inc Large (gif) 500 x 146 (5.4kb)

We require all non-profits to have a hyper linked Pacific Online logo in a prominent location on their web site. You can download a horizontal and vertical version of the Pacific Online logo here.


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