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A vital component of any business is strong community support and Pacific Online remains solidly committed to giving back to its community. Pacific Online offers 50% discounted monthly web hosting for 501 (c)3 non-profit organizations. 
  • We limit our non-profit packages to those non-profits with gross annual revenues under $100,000 per year. 

Pacific Online provides:

  • 5 email accounts - up to 25 aliases
  • 500mb web site hosting
  • No expiration date on the account

The non-profit organization agrees to:

  • Include a Pacific Online logo on their web page

For more information about Pacific Online's non-profit program please email info@pon.net



What is included with the non-profit hosting program?
500mb of web site space, 5 emails, a domain name transfer and FTP access are included with the non-profit web hosting account.

What type of paperwork is required?
We require the following: A. A copy of a tax-exempt status form such as 501 (c)(3) B. An annual report, budget, or equivalent accounting document (Note: Gross revenue needs to be under $100,000 per year. All other requests will be subject to individual review), and C. one or two newspaper articles or brochures providing information about the organization

Does Pacific Online’s non-profit program ever expire?
Pacific Online places no expiration dates on any of its non-profit accounts.


The following are various sized logos. The approximate pixel and kb size of each logo is listed next to the link.

Logo Horizontal1 (jpg) 250 x 71 (6.5kb)
Logo Horizontal2 (jpg) 500 x 142 (16.3kb)
Logo Horizontal3 (jpg) 1000 x 283 (38.4kb)
Logo Horizontal4 (jpg) 1590 x 450 (73kb)
Logo Transparent (jpg) 251 x 71 (6.5kb)
Logo Transparent (gif) 500 x 142 (26.5kb)
Logo Vertical1 (jpg) 250 x 128 (11.7kb)
Logo Vertical2 (jpg) 500 x 256 (28.6kb)
Logo Vertical3 (jpg) 1000 x 512 (65.7kb)
Logo Vertical4 (jpg) 1170 x 594 (83.5kb)
Logo Transparent (gif) 180 x 99 (13.5kb)
Logo Dark (jpg) 251 x 71
Logo Red Text (gif) (17.7kb)
Logo Horiz. Inc Small (gif) 250 x 73 (2.3kb)
Logo Horiz. Inc Large (gif) 500 x 146 (5.4kb)

We require all non-profits to have a hyper linked Pacific Online logo on their web site. You can download a horizontal and vertical version of the Pacific Online logo above.


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