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The following testimonials are from satisfied Pacific Online customers
"Pacific Online is a terrific Internet Service Provider. Their low prices, reliability, and friendly tech support people make it my number one choice for Internet connectivity."
        - John Thompson
Pacific Online is great! They are always right on top of the latest technology available, yet they maintain their excellent prices.
        - Carl Levine
In this world of automated everything, it's great having an online carrier that is user friendly and easy to access. Everyone who is part of the Pacific Online team provides knowledgeable and helpful service.
        - Eva Burke
I have received exceptional service since I signed up. I have been able to consistently get online quickly.
        - Gail Jonas
I am delighted with my Internet and e-mail service from Pacific Online. I have NEVER had any trouble getting online. In the past, I used AOL and got so frustrated I gave up in disgust. If I have questions about how to do something with my computer, I call tech support on their toll free 888 number and in a minute they have my problem solved. PON is the best!    
        - Marlene Lily
(Real Estate Broker)
I find your service to be excellent. I refer everyone to you. I especially appreciate the lack of junk mail I get. None of my friends using other services believe me when I tell them I get none!
- Carlotta Evans
You are one of the best ISP's I have ever used. I haven't received a busy signal yet. Keep up the good work.
- Elisabeth Shchouton
I have just started on the Internet and have had questions that were answered in plain English, not computer lingo. THANKS!
        - Gary Pulis
I love to call and get a "Real-Live" person to talk with.
        - Suze Cribb
I think PON is a really good service. I am all for doing business with a company who gives to its community.
        - Pam Gambonini
We have been so pleased with PON service. It is great to get in the first time we dial. We regularly recommend Pacific Online to our friends and neighbors. Thank you.
        - Jack Reisner
You guys are awesome! Feel free to use me as a truly satisfied customer from Jul 98 to the present. Sincerely yours,
        - Patricia Baxes, July 2006

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